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The River's Gonna Rise

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Jul 6, 2019

New Album Release

New music has finally arrived! Dan & the Wildfire will be releasing "The River's Gonna Rise," this year. This latest offering will be a full length album released in four separate pieces. Check out the album on Spotify

About the Band

Dan and the Wildfire is a particularly potent cocktail comprised of 1 part old time mountain folk, 1 part classic rock and roll, and 3 parts bottom shelf bourbon. Mix it up and what you get is a musical experience that burns it's way into your bones and lights up your soul with a crisp, rootsy sound that'll leave you reeling for another taste of that Wildfire.

This Boston based band was started by guitarist and singer-songwriter Dan HL in 2011 with trumpet player Thom Brennan and keyboardist Matt Hines under the auspices of forging a softer, folk sound. Their sound grew beyond the folk boundary when bassist Sam Katz joined the band. To date, Dan and the Wildfire have played all over New England, Washington D.C., out to Chicago and burned down every place in between. Their fourth full length album, "The River's Gonna Rise", released in July of 2019, is their latest project and debut for their drummer, Andy Cousineau. This is following multiple EP releases showcasing some of the newer tunes for the better part of 2017 to now.


Dan HL

Vocals, Guitar


Thom Brennan

Trumpet, Vocals


Matt Hines

Keyboard, Vocals


Sam Katz

Bass, Vocals


Andy Cousineau


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