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February, 2016

Spring, summer, fall and....winter? No. It is officially political season in New England (and in many other parts of the country) and we are literally throwing our hat in the ring. We, in the Dan & the Wildfire camp, are on a mission to make music great again. We are holding our rallies and campaigning hard to bring back what makes music so special. We want you to get in on this cause, and that's why we've created these signature hats that are now available in our BRAND NEW STORE! So, ladies and gentleman, show some Wildfire pride and let's make music great again. Together. 


                                                                        January, 2016

As the first month of 2016 comes to a close, Dan & the Wildfire would like to take some time to reflect on the past year. 2015 was a landmark year for us. "Bull Moose", our second album as a group, was released in March and was met with rave reviews. As a result, we received national coverage from "The Boot," were able to share the stage with country artists Cam and Kacey Musgraves, and were nominated for our second New England Music Award. 

Looking ahead, the future is bright. We're continuing to support our album "Bull Moose," while also beginning the process of writing new material. We're excited for what 2016 holds. Thank you everyone, for your continued support!

October, 2015

September was a busy month for the Wildfire crew. We journeyed down to Washington, DC with a few stops along the way. Thom’s brother John is a tremendous chef so a stop along the way at his new restaurant, Elm City Social in New Haven, CT, was a must. We dined on some fantastic food and rocked their roof deck. Next we played at our good ol’ NYC standby, Rockwood Music Hall. Like always, the room was packed and full of energy. Our good friend Pat, who lended his Saxophone talents on Bull Moose, just happened to be in the Big Apple and joined us onstage for most of the set. We wrapped up the trip at Gypsy Sally’s in DC, opening up for Blair Crimmins & The Hookers. They BRING the old timey swing.

It’s certainly starting to feel like fall and we’re taking advantage of it by playing a number of shows around the north east. As always, we’d love to see you at one of our upcoming shows!

October 24 - The Skinny Pancake - Burlington, VT

November 6 - Middle East Upstairs - Cambridge, MA

November 13 - New World Tavern - Plymouth, MA

December 5 - Rockwood Music Hall - New York, NY

We also got artsy with some stock footage and a song from "Bull Moose." Check out the video below.

Sept, 2015

Thanks for stopping by the brand new, and very much improved, Aside from our makeover, there have been some huge things going on in the world of wildfire. 

For one thing, we’ve released our record, Bull Moose, which we’d been working on for the better part of a year. The reactions we’ve been getting from fans, friends, and family alike have been so humbling, and the record seems to be gaining steam and popularity every day. It has definitely been a great experience. 

You can buy the record on iTunes here:

Secondly, we’ve been reaching a broader audience than ever with our online shows via Concert Window. We’re going to make it a point to schedule at least one of these a month until people lose interest, and we’re going to change up each one with different themes. For instance, we might dress up like pirates, play in togas, or any number of ridiculous things. We want your input, so make sure you drop us a line on Facebook or via e-mail and join the conversation. 

You can follow us on Concert Window here:

Finally, we are back to playing live shows! We are always on the hunt for new venues, and new places is to go, so make sure that you tell us where you want us to spread wildfire!

Check back often. Be excellent to each other. 

Until next time, 

- Dan 




Dan & the Wildfire


Dan and the Wildfire is a particularly potent cocktail comprised of 1 part old time mountain folk, 1 part classic rock and roll, and 3 parts bottom shelf bourbon. Mix it up and what you get is a musical experience that burns it's way into your bones and lights up your soul with a crisp, rootsy sound that'll leave you reeling for another taste of that Wildfire. This Boston based band was started by guitarist and singer-songwriter Dan HL in 2011 with trumpeter Thom Brennan and Keyboardist Matt Hines under the auspices of forging a softer, folk sound. After adding drummer Kyle Jenkins, however, their sound grew beyond the folk boundary but it wasn't until bassist Sam Katz joined the band that the last piece of the Wildfire  rock experience came into place. To date, Dan and the Wildfire have played all over New England, Washington D.C., out to Chicago and burned down every place in between. Their third studio album 'Bull Moose', released in March of 2015, is the next chapter in the evolution of the folk, rock experience. Their well received second album 'Smoke Signals' is available worldwide and follows their debut album, 'Nothing, Anything, Everything' released under the moniker 'Dan HL' in 2011.


Vocals, Guitar /Dan HL

Trumpet, Vocals/Thom Brennan

Keyboard,Vocals/Matt Hines

Bass,Vocals/ Sam Katz

Drums,Vocals / Kyle Jenkins



Bull Moose.jpg

Bull Moose (The Singles)

by Dan & the Wildfire